About Us

First Choice Supply Chain is a full range supply chain consulting and service firm. Along with our personal industry experience, we convey inventive thinking with analytical tools, process designs, performance assessments, cost models and benchmark analysis. At First Choice Supply Chain, we turn your supply chain into a finely tuned, high performance value chain, giving you better cash flow and improving your bottom line.

Clients turn to First Choice for ways to run a smarter business. We create efficiencies such as freeing up cash, saving money, reduce risk, improve market share and making your operations more agile.

First Choice Supply Chain a leader in creating value for small to mid-size companies seeking to propel efficiencies quickly and over the long-term through inventory, warehousing, procurement, customer service, transportation, logistics and systems solutions.

First Choice Supply Chain designs measurable business metrics, value and generates profits for its clients through assessment, design, implementation and management of end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions.

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