Lean Network, Freed Up Cash

Manufacturers and distributors should think of a LEAN supply chain using this question. Will LEAN optimize my operations? The best way to answer that question is to ask and answer the following:
  1. Are you manufacturing or delivering product faster than customer desires?
  2. Does production stop when an employee is or parts are out of stock?
  3. How is your on-time delivery?
lean network freed up cash

First Choice Supply Chain will show how the relationship exists between – inventory investments, customer service and ordering costs.

Many companies must realize that the plan needs to be setting your customer service levels, not the inventory levels, using ABC item strategy. As well instituting Key Performance Indicators for operations First Choice will help companies implement these for customer service: accuracy in picking orders, loading of outbound trucks, unloading of inbound trucks, dollars shipped per employee, pounds shipped per employee, lines shipped per employee, on-time delivery and total cost as a percentage of sales.
lean network freed up cash
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